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Certified Laundry & Linen Management
Review Programs

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The Certified Laundry & Linen Management Program (CLLM) is designed as a correspondence program to provide an avenue for individuals in the laundry industry to learn the issues specific to the industry.

The program is targeted to laundry managers, supervisors, team leaders, and laundry sales professionals seeking a basic, but thorough, knowledge of laundry practice, operation, guidelines, and applications.

The program is divided into eight modules/chapters and covers:
   •  The Basics of Textiles
   •  Washroom Chemistry and the Wash Process
   •  Laundry Equipment
   •  Laundry Production
   •  Laundry Management & Leadership
   •  Linen Management
   •  Infection Control
   •  Laundry Safety & Regulatory Practice

Participants must have a high school diploma or GED to enroll in the program. Each module/chapter contains an corresponding self-quiz to provide the reader with a preview of the type of questions that may appear on the certification exam. After successful completion of the proctored examination CLLM certificant's must maintain 45 contact hours in each three-year period to maintain their certification.


of the 
Review Program

The CLLM Review Program is designed to accompany the written text by providing participants with an opportunity to delve deeper into the material, ask questions, and benefit from the experiences of fellow laundry professionals. The Review Program format allocates approximately two hours for each module/chapter.

Participants in the Review Program purchase the CLLM Manual in advance of the review program to allow for adequate time to read the material and identify specific questions they may have. Local ALM Chapters often use this forum to provide an opportunity for chapter members to attend ALM training programs and build chapter attendance and participation.

Presenters of the modules are active in the industry and hold a CLLM or RLLD or subject matter specialists trained for presentation of the material. At the conclusion of the two-day presentation and review participants set for the CLLM certification examination.  Results are made known within two weeks.


Review Programs

For details on participating in a scheduled CLLM Review Program contact the individual as indicated in the schedule below. Programs that are sponsored by local ALM Chapters provide registration through that chapter and not the National ALM office. 

Participants should purchase their CLLM manual at least 4 weeks in advance of the program.  This is necessary to allow adequate time to read the material in advance of attending the review session. Participation in the review alone rarely provides a participant with a successful outcome. 

Programs with an asterisk (*) are not available for general attendance but are offered by invitation only through a sponsoring group or company.

Program Dates
and Details

March 3 - 5, 2010
     Grand Prairie, TX
Registration and Details - click here for details

June 11 - 13, 2010
     Louisville, KY - ALM Conference
Registration and Details - return for details closer to the event

Review Program

ALM Chapters can host a CLLM Review Program either in conjunction with a Chapter meeting or Educational Event.  It is best to schedule these programs as far in advance as possible (at least 9 months is ideal).  Note that participants in the program will need to obtain the CLLM manual at least 4 weeks prior to the review program and ideally 6-8 weeks is recommended.

Laundry Vendors, Corporate/Affiliated Laundry Operations, or a Vendor sponsored program for select customers can host a CLLM Review Program that allows customization specific to their audience.  This is an ideal way to familiarize a new sales staff with the issues facing their customer... the laundry manager. 

To discuss details about including a CLLM Review Program for your next meeting contact Linda Fairbanks, ALM Director of Academic Affairs via email or telephone at 1.800.669.0863.




Q -  I purchased a CLLM intending to complete it as a correspondence program but now find a Review Program is offered in my area; can I participate and how?

A - If you purchased the CLLM within 12 months of the Review  Program you should be able to attend. Note that most chapters charge a participation fee to cover the expenses associated with the program and you will need to cover that cost.

-  I have the 2004 edition of the CLLM and would like to participate in an upcoming Review Program but I see two new modules that aren't in my book.  Can I still participate; and how? 

A -
 Unfortunately the timeframe has lapsed for use of the former program and a new manual must now be purchased. If you are unsure of which book you have please contact our office.

Additional questions? Contact Linda Fairbanks at ALM




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