Certified Washroom Technician

Correspondence program for frontline laundry personnel.
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Certified Linen

Correspondence program for linen distribution personnel.
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Certified Laundry and
Linen Management

Correspondence program for laundry  managers.
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Registered Laundry 
and Linen Director

Part of ALM's American Laundry and Linen College (ALLC) held twice yearly on the campus of Eastern Kentucky University.

Registered Environmental
Services Management

Part of ALM's American Environmental Services College (AESC) held annually on the campus of Eastern Kentucky University.

American Laundry and Linen College
Details on the industries only college based training and certification program for laundry directors can be found below. If additional information is, needed contact Linda Fairbanks, Director of Academic Affairs.

    - Details on college program, enrollment process and requirements for attendance

    - Curriculum for Part I, Part II, Part III, and Environmental Services Part II

    - Online and printable registration forms

    - Following enrollment, visit here for details on travel plans and attendance details



Standard Textile Names ALLC Scholarship 
in memory of veteran employee

Standard Textile, a long time supporter of ALM's American Laundry and Linen College Scholarship Fund, has named their scholarship in memory of veteran sales consultant Gary Wright.

Gary Russell Wright was tragically taken from the Standard Textile family on November 21, 2005 in a hunting accident. Gary served as sales consultant in western and central North Carolina for 24+ years. Gary was a very active member of the North Carolina chapter and a strong supporter of ALM's's educational programs.

Gary was not only a dedicated and cherished member of the Standard Textile family, but was loved and
appreciated by his customers with whom he built lasting friendships. Gary is survived by his loving wife of 33 years, Shirley, one son, one daughter and son-in-law, four grandchildren, two brothers and stepfather.

Certificate Programs

Certified Washroom Technician 
Certificate Program (CWT)
Certified Linen Technician
Certificate Program (CLT)

This correspondence course is designed to educate frontline laundry personnel in the primary factors that impact laundry operations.
This program will:
   ~ Increase awareness of the overall broad effect that washroom chemistry can have on overall costs.
   ~ List the factors that influence cleaning
   ~ Discuss appropriate wash formulas to meet specific needs
   ~ Address water quality and how to affect change
   ~ Examine the results that chemical changes can provide
    ~ Describe the use of heat to achieve the best possible results
   ~ Review optimal work flow procedures
   ~ Explain wash formula operations
   ~ Analyze problematic stains and potential remedies

An effective laundry operation entails a great deal more than producing a clean product. While this is a critical component of the operation, inappropriate product selection, poor inventory management, a poor distribution system, and poor lines of communication will rapidly overshadow a perfectly clean and pressed linen product.
This program content provides:
~ Cost analysis
~ Strategies for working with a linen
   management committee
~ Goals, implementation guidelines, and procedures for linen usage
~ Analysis of various linen distribution systems
~ Guidelines for establishing linen standards
~ Key components to ensure a successful linen management program

   Requirements: There are no prerequisites for participation in this correspondence program    Requirements: There are no prerequisites for participation in this correspondence program.

This course is available in both English and Spanish.

ALM Member Rate     $75

Non-Member Rate      $110

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/ fax order to 859-454-4454

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ALM Member Rate     $75

Non-Member Rate      $110

Printable order form
/ fax order to 859-454-4454

On-line order form

Correspondence Certification Programs

Certified Laundry & Linen Management
Certification Program (CLLM)
Certified Environment Service Management Certification Program (CESM)
   The CLLM is a tool to equip individuals who are being groomed for a management or leadership position, for managers who want to increase their level of competency, or employees who desire to enhance their understanding of both management skills and industry specifics. Participants have 12 months to complete the correspondence program.

This correspondence program includes:
   ~ Techniques for optimal employee recruitment and retention
   ~ The manager's role in financial management
   ~ The character and composition of textiles
   ~ Laundry and linen equipment utilization
   ~ Equipment specifications and selection
   ~ Equipment maintenance and safety
   ~ The proper use of chemicals to achieve desired results
    ~ The wash process
    ~ The impact of production standards, development and analysis
   ~ Optimal linen management methods, systems and practice
   ~ Basic microbiology for laundry managers

   The CESM program was discontinued in October 2010 to better focus on other educational offerings.

Requirements: A high school diploma or G.E.D is a prerequisite for this program. Continuing education is required to maintain CLLM certification.


ALM Member rates:    
   $375 + $20 S/H in USA
Non-Member rates:
   $495 + $20 S/H in USA

For International rates contact:

Printable order form/ fax order to 859-454-4454

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American Laundry & Linen College
American Environmental Services College

• ALLC on-line registration 

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Registered Laundry and
Linen Director (RLLD)

Registered Environmental
Services Director (RESD)

   This intensive, in-depth program is a three-part series of ALM's educational offerings held on the campus of Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky (20 miles south of Lexington, KY). Each part of the College series is designed to develop leadership, managment, and either laundry/linen or environmental services industry-specific skills available only in this setting.
     The college convenes twice yearly, in the spring and fall. Each part in the series requires one week to complete, for a total of three weeks of instruction. Upon completion of all three parts, the student receives the designation of RLLD or RESD.

Partial list of College Curriculum:

Laundry Equipment
Washroom Chemistry
Linen Par Levels
Infection Control
Customer Satisfaction
Safety and Chemical Hazards
Interior Design
Linen Basics
Linen Specifications
Plant Layout and Equipment Specifications
Production Standards and Interpretation
Personnel Interviewing, Labor Relations
Commercial Pest Control
Conflict Resolution and Cultural Diversity
Requirements: A high school diploma or G.E.D. is a prerequisite for participation in this program. While not required, it is suggested that participants have previous hands-on experience in laundry and/or housekeeping services or have completed the CLLM program. Continuing education is required to maintain RLLD or RESD certification.

ALM Member Rate:     $1,795 discounted early registration (approx. 3 weeks out)
ALM Member Rate:     $2,360 regular registration

Non-Member Rate:      $1,950 discounted early registration (approx. 3 weeks out)
Non-Member Rate:      $2,520 regular registration
Printable order form/ fax order to 859-454-4454

Register on-line to attend ALLC


College Scholarship Program 

 The deadline for next year's Scholarship opportunities for ALM's American Laundry and Linen College and the American Environmental Services College is December 31st.  Opportunities are available for both full and partial scholarships to assist in covering registration fees.  Applicants must submit both the application form and an essay to be reviewed by the ALM Educational Affairs Committee.  Scholarships will be awarded by February and will be applicable for college enrollment for the next three sessions.


We wish to take this opportunity to thank ALM Scholarship Sponsors!  ALM Associate members interested in participating in this exceptional program are encourage to contact the Director for Academic Affairs for details.


Click here to download an ALLC Scholarship application in PDF format.


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